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Founded in 1984, PDS is a privately held company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in El Dorado, Arkansas and sodium bentonite mining and processing operations in southwest Texas.

With a focus on quality and innovative solutions, PDS continually works hard to meet the needs of our customers and the industries they serve. Our customer care and dependable service has created a loyal worldwide customer base.

Drilling fluids, bentonite sealants, and polymer slurries.

PDS produces a comprehensive line of high performance drilling fluids, bentonite sealants  and polymer slurries for a variety of drilling, construction and excavation operations.

Our mining facility produces premium quality sodium bentonite clay. We process the clay into various bentonite products for specific groundwater, environmental and industrial applications.

Pioneer in slurry technology.

PDS has been the pioneer in developing and innovating polymer slurry technology for the deep foundations industry for over 25 years. Our highly successfully and widely used Super Mud and Super Mud Dry polymer slurries have become industry standards in the construction of drilled shafts (bored piling), diaphragm wall construction and slurry trenching.

Fluid loss control additives, flocculants, slurry test equipment.

To complement its polymer slurries PDS also produces a line of fluid loss control additives, flocculants and a full range of slurry sampling and testing equipment.

Our staff of knowledgeable and experienced slurry technicians are available to provide site- specific slurry program design, project estimates, on-site training and technical assistance.

Technologically advanced amazing products

PDS has specialized in the production of bentonite pellets for over 30 years. Our tenacious ingenuity has led to the development of a technologically advanced, biodegradable non-stick time-release coating which allows the bentonite pellets to be poured into place through standing water without sticking together or bridging. This capability provides the highest density per cubic foot of any existing grouting method, wet or dry.

PDS Pel Plug bentonite pellets are available in three sizes, 1/4″, 3/8” and 1/2″. The Pel Plug TR30 time-release coated bentonite pellets can reach depths of up to 500 feet. Double coated (TR60) and triple coated (TR90) pellets are also available to further delay pellet swell times in cases of deeper water setting applications.

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